Meet Anton - Eczema is no fun, but Anton is.

With funny and educating movies your child gets entertainment and a welcome distraction from itchy dry skin

Take your seat for our cheeky monkey’s puppet show

Sock puppets are a great way to keep your thoughts and your fingers off scratching. Find out how as Anton introduces you to Princess Gorgonzola and Prince Mozzarelli.

Tips for parents and carers

How should I calm and care for my child’s atopic skin? Effective skincare alleviates much of the discomfort of a flare-up and gives atopic skin the daily care it needs.

What else can I do to prevent flare-ups?

It’s difficult to watch your child suffer because of their atopic skin. There’s no known cure for Atopic Dermatitis but, alongside effective medication and skincare, the following sometimes help.

Routine - How to calm and care for atopic skin

Phase-adapted products for daily care and relief during a flare-up

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